Ministry isn’t a solo venture. It’s a team sport. You’ll never be an effective ministry leader until you include those you lead. Leaders fail when they believe their efforts alone will achieve a group’s goal. Regardless of the size of your ministry, building and leading effective teams will always be a part of your job description.

Jesus Himself modeled team ministry. He seldom carried out ministry by Himself, even though He was the Master and needed no one else to help meet needs. Yet regardless of what He was doing, Jesus ministered with His disciples nearby, showing that the best lessons came from the classroom of experience. Jesus didn’t need a ministry team, but He built one to ensure that ministry would continue when He returned to the Father.

Yes, teams are an important part of ministry. And, as much as we talk about teams and their usefulness, the fact is, building and leading effective teams is challenging. Teams are made of people. The more people on the team, the more perspectives, experiences and wisdom is brought to the table, which is one of the strengths of the team. But those same things, if not managed properly can cause problems. Several common problems and pitfalls show up in most, if not all, churches. Leadership teams can expect to have to deal with many of the following issues:

  • ​NEW TEAMS … recently assigned to work together
  • HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS … who want to go to the next level
  • TEAMS IN CONFLICT … due to a lack of shared goals and alignment
  • DYSFUNCTIONAL TEAMS … who are struggling to communicate and collaborate
  • UNDER-PERFORMING TEAMS … who need to step up performance and results
  • TEAMS WITH A NEW LEADER … or new members

At Clergy Coaching Solutions, we utilize the most respected methods, tools, and assessments to help your team’s experience peak performance. We are certified in DISC®, EQ-I 2.0 (Emotional Quotient Assessment), and the EQ360 Performance review. These instruments along with our education, ministry, leadership backgrounds, and experience, provide the expertise you need to move your teams forward.

Clergy Coaching Solutions introduces ministry teams to the DISC® model of work styles in an interactive team development training program. This engaging approach is highly effective precisely because of its simplicity—your team will learn principles to communicate more effectively and strengthen relationships and interactions in order to maximize collaboration and performance.

​By increasing the individual and team’s capacity not only to understand, but to embrace and value each other’s style and contribution to the team, DISC® serves as the catalyst for improved communication, stronger relationships, higher levels of productivity, and improved ministry results.

The EQ-I 2.0 Emotional Quotient Assessment and EQ360 evaluation provides additional insight that compliments the DISC® Profile.

The DISC is a tool used for discussion of people’s behavioral differences. The DISC® model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and adapt their behaviors with others – within a work team, a leadership position, or other relationships.

EQ-I 2.0
Emotional Intelligence is proven to be a key indicator of human performance and development. People higher in EI communicate effectively, form strong relationships, and create powerful coping strategies. EI can be measured – more accessibly and less controversially than IQ – and unlike IQ, it can be substantially strengthened and developed. While emotional intelligence isn’t the sole predictor of human performance and development potential, it is proven to be a key indicator in these areas.

When working as part of a team, it’s important to understand the impact of one’s actions on others. The EQ360 report offers an in-depth analysis by having those that work with an individual and know them personally provide feedback in addition to their self-assessment to provide a 360 degree view of his or her effectiveness and EQ competencies.

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