​Learn to coach with Clergy Coaching Solutions. Visionary businesses and leaders have understood the truly transformational impact of developing and implementing coaching principles and practices in their organizations for years. They have replaced the traditional hierarchical management structures of the past with a coaching management strategy. The results have been amazing. Companies are reporting more employee buy-in to organizational goals and objectives. Employees are reporting more job satisfaction and demonstrating more passion and joy in their job performance.

​A 2014 survey of over 500 of the largest companies in the USA showed that companies are eager to expand in coaching, including internal coaches, external coaches, and leaders using coaching skills. Significantly, 81% of respondents said they will grow their cadre of leaders and managers using coaching skills.

​In recent years, churches and ministry organizations have been paying attention to these trends and have begun to recognize one of the best kept secrets available to help lead and manage people. They’ve begun to pay attention to coaching as a great tool for improving, performance, morale, and commitment of staff personnel and volunteers. They have also recognized that coaching can be used as a powerful discipleship tool.

We at Clergy Coaching Solutions offer both individual and group training to equip those leading others to coach. Our coach training provides trainees with certification as a QUEST© Certified Professional Coach.

Contact us today to learn to coach and to find out how you can take yourself and/or your team to the next level through becoming a certified coach.

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